Brunch Menu

Seafood Skerries


Chorizo & Prawn (1,4,7) € 9.90

Tiger prawns, spicy chorizo, peppers, with wine, tomato sauce served with warm bread and balsamic reduction

Tomato Bruschetta (1) €6.00

Toasted sourdough, chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic and extra virgin oil

Add Bufalo Mozzarella €3.00 – Add Aged Parma Ham €3.00

Avocado Toast (1) €7.00

Toasted sourdough, avocado mashed, chilly, shallots, lime citronet and cherry tomatoes.

Add Sticky smoked bacon €2.00

Add 2 any eggs (5) ( poached, fried, scramble) €3.00

Add Smoked salmon (6) €3.00

Louisiana Chicken Wings (4,5,12,14)
Small €8.50
Large with Chips €14.90

Chicken wing with Louisiana hot sauce and blue cheese.

Sauteed mussels (1,4,9) €8.90

Sautted Musseld with garlic, smoked pancetta in a cream sauce served with warm bread

Best Carbonara Dublin


Eggs on Toast (1,5)  €5.50

2 eggs(Poached , fried or scrambled) served on our fresh sourdough bread that is softy brushed with garlic and olive oil

3 Eggs Omelette served with toasted bread (1,2,5)  €9.90

Choose 3 Ingredients:

  1. VEG:Roast pepper, Roast Cougette, Mushroom,Onion, Tomato, Jalapenose, Avocado
  2. MEAT: Smoked bacon, Roast Ham, Grilled chicken, Spicy Salami
  3. CHEESE (4): Fresh pecorino Cheese, Provolone Mozzarella, Goat Cheese
  4. FISH (6) :Salmon
Buffalo dream (1,2,3,4) €10.00

Toasted sourghough Bread, Avocado smash, Buffalo Mozzarella, Cherry tomatoes, rocket, basil pesto. Chilly, shallots.

Add: Eggs (5) € 3.00 – Salmon (6) € 3.00

Chicken & Veg Bowl (12)  €9.90

Chicken infused with garlic and rosemary served with sweet potato.

Quinoa Bowl (12,15)  €10.90

Warm quinoa with mediterranean vegetable, pinto beans, broccoli, tomato confit all tossed together in our extra virgin olive oil.

The Big one (1,2 4, 6,12) €12.00

Whole Avocado, Bufala cheese, Smoked Salmon, Rocket topped with crusted Pistacchio, Mango and Lime Citronette, mixed seeds seasoning beautifully served on organic sourdough toast

Lunch Takeaway Skerries Dublin


Super Salad (12) €10.00

Chopped Mixed leaves, avocado, quinoa, broccoli, beetroots, cherry tomato, shallots, dried cranberry and citron dressing.

Add: Grilled Chicken €3.00 – Aged Parma Ham €3.00 – Smoked Salmon (6) € 3.00 – Goat Cheese (4) €3.00

Caesar Salad (1,4,5,6,10,12) €11.90

Cajun Chicken with Classic salad tossed homemade Caesar dressing ,smoked pancetta, sun dried tomato, Parmigiano shaving and toasted ciabatta.

Panini Skerries


Parma (1,4,12) € 7.90

Ciabatta Bread, aged Parma ham, Brie, fresh tomato, Rocket salad and olive oil.

Vegetariano (1,2,3,4) €7.90

Ciabatta bread with grilled aubergine, Bufala mozzarella, pesto and fresh tomato.

Pollo (1,4,5,12) €7.90

Ciabatta Bread ,Grilled Chicken, sticky bacon, lettuce and rose sauce

Toastie (1,4,5,12) €7.50

Organic sourdough bread , provolone cheese, Roast ham and Mayo.

BLT toast (1,5,12) €7.50

Ciabatta Bread, Sticky smoked bacon, fresh tomato, lettuce and mayo.

Best Carbonara Dublin


Spaghetti Carbonara €12.00

Spaghetti pasta with diced smoked pancetta, white wine and Classic Carbonara Sauce.

Contains Allergens: Cereals, Milk, Eggs & Sulphur Dioxide.

Spaghetti bolognese €12.00

Spaghetti pasta served in a homemade Irish Beef with Bolognese sauce.

Contains Allergens: Cereals, Sulphur Dioxide & Celery.

Penne Pomodoro €10.00

Penne Pasta with homemade SanMarzano Sauce

Contains Allergens: Cereals and Sulphur Dioxide

Lunch Takeaway Skerries Dublin

Meatballs Madness

Meatball Straight up (1,4,5,12) € 10.90

Our Homemade meatball slow cooked in a san Marzano tomato sauce, basil & spicy Nduja served with a side of fries.

Add: Spicy Nduja €1.00

Meatball Hoagie (1,4,5,12) €9.90

4 Homemade meatball cooked & served with marinara sauce, parmigiano cheese all loaded into our organic hoagie.

Add: Spicy Nduja €1.00

Spaghetti Meatball (1,4,5,12) €11.90

Our homemade meatball slow cooked in san Marzano tomato sauce, basil, garlic & nduja all tossed together with Spaghetti.

Add: Spicy Nduja €1.00

Bruschetta Meatball (1,4,5,12) €9,90

Toasted sourdough topped with homemade meatball, san Marzano tomato, garlic, fresh basil topped with aged parmigiano & provolone cheese.

Lunck Takeaway Skerries Dublin


Classic Burger (1,4,5,8,12) €13.50

Hereford beef burger, topped with homemade caramelised onion, iceberg lettuce and beef tomato, served with fries.

Chicken Cajun Burger with Fries (1,4,5,8) €13.50

Grilled Cajun Spiced chicken breast, provolone cheese, lettuce , chipotle, sauce served with fries.

Pulled Pork Burger (1,4,5,8,10,12,15) €13.50

Homemade slow cooked pulled pork, cooked in a smoked paprika paste topped with spicy southwest chipolotte slaw, roquito peppers in our fresh brioche bun served with fries

Chips Skerries


Chips (8) €4.00
Chips with truffle oil (4,8) €4.70

With aged parmesan cheese and truffle mayo

Garlic and parsley Fries (8)  €4.20
Sweet Potato Fries (8)  €4.70
Mixed salad (12) €4.50

Baby leaves mixed salad with cherry tomato , onion and Italian dressing.

Rockets salad (12)  €4.50

Rocket salad with Parmigiano cheese, cherry tomatoes and balsamic reduction.

Garlic Bread (1,4)  €3.90

Toasted Ciabatta with Garlic, Butter and Herbs.

Add Mozzarella Cheese (4) €1.00 or Add Nduja (spicy sausage paste) €1.00

Ice Cream Skerries


Custard Tart (1,2,3,4,5) €4.90

Italian Shortcrust pastry filled with custard cream and hint of Sicilian lemon topped with toasted almonds and pine nuts served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

Cocoa Cake (1,2,3,4,5) €4.90

Crunchy shortbread pastry and soft plum cake, filled with cocoa cream served with cream and chocolate sauce.

Lemon Cake (1,4,5,15) €4.90

Crumbly shortbread and a soft plum cake containg a creamy lemon filling served with cream and wild berry sauce

Coppa Gelato (1,5) €4.90

Selection of Italian artisan gelato (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry).


Espresso €2.80
Double Espresso €3.20
Americano €3.00
Flat White (4) €3.20
Cappuccino (4) €3.2o
Latte (4) €3.20
Mocha (4) €3.20
Hot Chocolate (4) €3.50

Add: Make it decaf  add €0.50 –  Soya Milk (8) – Almond milk (2) €0.50

Organic Matcha latte €4.90

Tea  €2.75
Herbal Tea €2.80


Innocent Fruit Juice €2.75

Apple or Orange

San Pellegrino Fizzy Drink €3.00

Lemonade, Blood Orange, Lemon & Mint, Chinotto, Grapefruit, Orange & Pomegranate

Soft drink €3.00

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, 7Up, &Up Free, Fanta

Still or sparkling water 500ml €2.20
Blackcurrant gl € 1.50 Jug €3.50

ALLERGENS: Please inform your server of any allergens you might have so there is no risk of cross contamination.

Cereals (containing Wheat,semola or wholemeal) 2. Nuts (Pistacchio,hazelnuts,walnuts,almonds) 3. Peanuts 4. Milk 5. Eggs 6. Fish (gelatine) 7. Shellfish 8. Soybean 9. Molluscs 10. Mustard 11. Sesame seeds 12. Sulphur Dioxide 13. Lupin 14. Celery 15.Varies(please ask your server)